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Discover the potential hidden treasure locked in your tax return, and past
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$80,000 (approximately) Rehabilitation Tax Credit, including interest income received on the amended return refund.  This tax credit was split between 3 taxpayers due to the availability of the credit for a Danville building rehabilitation project, and was spread over a few years, due to limitations of the Alternative Minimum Tax.

$60,000 to $80,000 tax savings due to a 01/01/2001 deemed sale tax election available under the Internal Revenue Code of a depreciable business building.  This deemed sale allowed a step up in basis, resulting in larger depreciation deductions on the business building.

$16,000+ tax savings  in amended prior year returns that were found due to errors in tax return preparation by a prior tax preparer.   Also saved client "tens of thousands of dollars" in a tax saving strategy by suggesting the client engineer a stock sale before year end that generated a long term capital loss that offset a long term capital gain the taxpayer had realized during the year.

$8,100 tax savings, which includes over $1,400 of interest income the IRS paid on Tax TNT refunds from amended returns for 2003 and 2004.  These Tax TNT refunds were due to incorrectly handled deductions for various business enterprises of husband and wife PLUS catch up depreciation to correct errors on improperly calculated depreciation expense on rental property owned by the taxpayers.

$10,300 of tax savings due to claiming Catch up depreciation taken on assets not depreciated in year placed in service, and not expensed on the original tax returns in any way.  The business also had various deductions not handled consistently from year to year, and consequently client paid more in taxes that it was legally required to do.

$$$ Tax TNT refunds from amended returns due to Gross Income being overstated by thousands of dollars in prior year, and various expenses and allowable deductions were not deducted in two other prior years.

$10,700  Tax TNT savings client enjoyed by claiming contributions to Roth IRA, and client enjoyed a $1700 Hope College Credit for son in college.

$10,000 to $15,000 tax savings on returns to a widow whose husband passed away.  The widow inherited business equipment and property, and was able to step up basis in the property, and enjoy new depreciation again.

$1800+ tax savings due to various Residential Rental Property deductions  that were either missed, or handled inconsistently, including catch up Depreciation Expense on the Rental Properties.  Received a  refund over $300  in 2005 and over $1400 in 2006, totaling $1700.  Taxpayer will continue to realize tax savings from correctly calculated depreciation in the future.


IRC Section 7216 Compliance: 
Client written permissions have been secured to post their Tax TNT examples to this website.

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